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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bedtime Stories

The chaotic pace of my weekdays is both the reason for my recent lack of posts, and the inspiration for this one.  The days whir by as every moment of the day is scheduled with something, and the routine of it all often makes me desperate for a time-out.  That time for me is bed time.  No, not my bed time....but that of my sweet Little One.  

I know that I should get her used to falling asleep on her own....that I should get things done around the house after she is asleep.....that I should make her go to bed earlier....

BUT, instead, we stay up late reading stories, cuddling, laughing, playing with her stuffed animals....and she always tells me "you're my best friend, mommy!" before she falls asleep.  Come on now, who can resist that?

I've been doing better (and by better I mean not falling asleep in her bed every night, only to wake up at midnight and crawl off to sleep in my own bed, leaving all the chores undone).  But bed time stories are still a staple for my LO who loves to read. 

Here are a few fun books we have enjoyed in the last few months that are all about this special time of the day!

This is a fun story to read if you're one for theatrics -- the bulk of the story is a "brave" cowboy singing his faithful herd to sleep....with a few moments of hysteria here and there!  Fun to both croon in your best cowboy drawl, and squeal with the most fearful delight, your little one is sure to enjoy your own creative telling of the story!  On top of it all, it is a cute story that hints at overcoming fears (espeically in the dark), becoming confident but not OVER confident, and to not judge a book by its cover.  Listed on the 2013 Texas 2x2 reading list.



Such a sweet and beautiful book - perfect for bed time!  I love children's books that are poetic but still great at storytelling...what a great way to introduce children to the beauty of poetry while still holding their interest with plot lines.  In this story, a little girl does not want to go to sleep (which I'm sure is about the most common theme in bedtime routines around the world).  Her parents, wisely, tell her that she doe not need to sleep, but that she should get ready for bed.  As she gets ready for bed, they talk about how all the animals in the world sleep.  The beautiful pictures perfectly illustrate the creative text, and ultimately the little girl falls asleep in her bed, just like all the animals that she has been imagining.  This book won a 2013 Caldecott Honor Award.



One of the most elaborate parts of our bedtime routine is putting all of the animals to bed, and choosing which ones will join LO in her bed each night.  Sometimes it can be maddening, the sheer number of small imaginary creatures that my daughter feels obligated to care for (we have to put a blanket over a small bunny-shaped puzzle piece, because lately this puzzle piece has become her best friend, lovingly named "Bunny Shape.")  These creative ways in which my daughter procrastinates getting into bed are frustrating at times, but also adorable and caring in nature. 

Kids seem naturally attached to their toys, and this book is all about getting the animals ready for bed.  The text is clunky at times, and rather goofy, but this book clearly speaks volumes to my LO who loves her animals, and she asks to read it often.  I keep telling myself that there will come a day when I miss my LO kissing all of her toys before bed every night.......for now, we patiently wait for everyone to be tucked in!



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  1. Looking forward to putting your LO to bed sometime soon. She is delightful.